60-Minute Power Yoga –> Half-Moon Pose (with playlist)

Start the class in a comfortable, seated position with a straight back. Ask the students to close their eyes and focus on these 60 minutes for themselves. Begin ujjayi breathing and lead students to set an intention for the class. Have them open their eyes and stretch both arms overhead and then slowly to each side. After lowering the arms, slowly roll the neck and then lean forwards coming to all 4’s.

Warm-Up (~23 Min.) 

-(inhale) Cat/(exhale) Cow – then alternate lifting arms, legs, and then opposite arm/leg (Bird Dog) – Bird Dog Crunches to activate the core

-Down Dog – Walk the Dog


-Equal Standing

-Sun Salutation A (3-4X)

-Sun Salutation B variation (2X) – Low Lunge instead of Warrior I – arm flexes with hands facing towards each other in Chair pose 3X between sets

-Child’s Pose (5 breaths min.)

SERIES I (~10 Min.) 

-Chair –> Twisted Chair –> Twisted High Lunge –> High Lunge (arm flexes) –> Low Lunge –> Half Front-Splits Pose –> Low Lunge


(other side)

-Child’s Pose



-Equal Standing –> Malasana (Yogi Squat) –> Crow –> Child’s Pose

SERIES II (Peak 9 Min.) 


-High Lunge –> Warrior II –> Half Moon –> 5-Pointed Star Pose –> Goddess (alternating lifting toes of each foot and then both and holding at least 5 breaths)

(other side)

-Child’s pose

HIPS, SPINE, & SAVASANA (~10-15 Min.) 

-Down Dog –> Runner’s Lunge (both sides)

-Down Dog –> Pigeon (both sides)

-Down Dog –> Plank –> 10 second release to prone (optional push-up from prone to plank and add. 10 sec. release) –> Cobra (2X – alternating resting cheeks on mat) –> all 4’s –> Dandasana –> Gomukasana (both sides) –> 10 second release to lying down

-Happy Baby

-Supine Twist (both sides)


PLAYLIST (57 Minutes) 

The Drop In – DJ Taz Rashid

Black Vines – Cubicolor

Intro – The xx

Breathing Deeper – Shapov

Faded – Alan Walker

Shape of You (Major Lazer Remix) – Ed Sheeran (feat. Nyla & Kranium)

All We Need – ODESZA (feat. Shy Girls)

Like That – Rytmeklubben

White Label (Is This Love) – Still Young

Coming Over – Dillon Francis (feat. James Hersey)

Chasing Colors – Marshmello (feat. Noah Cyrus)

Solo Dance – Martin Jensen

Ohio (filous Remix) – Damien Jurado

For What It’s Worth (India Dub) – DJ Drez

R-E-M Phase – Savasana


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